Phone Addiction Campaign

Interactive Awareness Campaign

December 2021

This project was created with the intention of bringing awareness to a cause through information design and advocacy. The first part of this project consists of an interactive ePub targeted towards 14-21 year olds to inform them of the effects and influences of excessive phone use. Information and statistics are provided in an appealing design to encourage young people to live a more balanced life. The dimensions of the ePub are square so that the design would be easily transferrable to instagram which is a very common platform that this demographic uses to access information. After much experimentation, the colour scheme was simplified to 4 key colours that had strong contrast for readability and playfulness. A use of illustrations, interactive graphics, and animated illustrations allowed for the viewer to have a more exciting and involved learning experience.

The second part of this project consisted of developing a prototype for an interactive piece that the viewer could access online for further information. The target audience is at a stage in their lives where interests are still being developed and sometimes it is hard to come up with ideas for things to do. To encourage a more balanced lifestyle, I created an interactive bedroom on Figma which allows users to explore the room and objects for ideas and information on non-screen activities. Using prompts and buttons the user can click their way throughout the rooms and learn about activities through provided information and external links. The colour scheme was expanded upon from the last project to create a more detailed and realistic piece. The most important part of an interactive piece like this is to make sure the information is clear and the design is easy to navigate. I feel this was done effectively through straight forward direction while still maintaining fun and colorful displays!