Photo of Juliette Bricker outside in a winter coat

About Me!

Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Juliette has a bachelors in design from York University and Sheridan College. For her thesis she studied cartography and wayfinding to expirement with and increase usability of maps for nature spaces. Wanting to help others, Juliette became a junior design researcher at University of Calgary's medical research innovation centre called W21C. With a desire to do more work related to the environment and learn more about mapping, Juliette began her masters in Cartography in Germany and Austria as part of an international joint masters programme.

Juliette’s strong thirst for knowledge has led her to learn about many different streams of design. She enjoys work that is hands on and involves complex problem-solving, design research and improving the world we live in. Juliette is best described as an information & experiential designer and researcher.

When I'm not working on or reading about design research, I'm usually learning about green energy, volunteering, doing yoga, or out rock climbing. As a huge music lover, I enjoy listening to records and playing my guitar. I love learning about philosophy and spending time at the library exploring books and I like to stay active by going to the gym. I think my love for many things is what has led me to work in the design, research, and innovation industry as these topics tend to touch every facet of our lives.