Photo of Juliette Bricker outside in a winter coat

About Me!

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Juliette had a keen interest in computer science and art which led her to Toronto to get her Honours Bachelor of Design at York University/ Sheridan College. After graduation, she headed to the Netherlands where she hoped to improve her Dutch and attempted to work there. After many setbacks, she decided to solo travel around Europe for a few months while applying for work back in Canada. Currently, Juliette works as a junior researcher for the University of Calgary’s research lab, W21C. In this position, she can connect with her community and help people in the medical field by conducting user research and implementing human-centred design and design thinking practices in her work.

Juliette’s strong thirst for knowledge has led her to learn about many different streams of design. She enjoys any work that involves complex problem-solving, hands-on work, design research and improving the world we live in. Juliette is best described as an information & experiential designer and researcher. Her goal for 2023 is to connect with her new community, continue to grow both as a designer and researcher, establish herself in the industry, and get better at woodworking!

When I'm not working on or reading about design research, I'm usually reading about green energy, volunteering, doing yoga, or out rock climbing. As a huge music lover, I enjoy listening to records and playing my guitar. I love learning about philosophy and spending time at the library exploring books and I like to stay active by going to the gym. I think my love for many things is what has led me to work in the design, research, and innovation industry as these topics tend to touch every facet of our lives.