I Can Hardly Remember

Graphic and Production Design for Film

Unreleased. Filmed February 2020

I Can Hardly Remember was a York University student film directed by Sebasti√°n Eguiarte. After accepting the position of production designer, I read up about the role and began to discuss and plan the visual direction of the film with the director. Strong opposing elements such as the hot fire and cold winter or the opposite personalities of the two characters led me to use complimentary colours. When designing, buying, and retrieving different items for costume and set I focused on using the colours orange and blue.

The elements I designed for this film included the logo, movie poster, a fictitious imported German beer brand, a plane ticket, a metal souvenir bottle opener, camping lot tag, wooden camping lot sign, and the end credits. This project was a high-pressure job with tight time constraints and I loved every minute of it. It was exciting and gratifying to create imaginary things that were made to look real and to be able to see my ideas develop and come to life. I think the attention to detail, taking the time to develop a style, and doing thorough research allowed for the pieces to work effectively within the story.