DATE POOL, Dating Kiosk

UX/UI Design, User Testing

May 2022

This project was researched and developed by myself and a fellow peer, Brandon Lau. The timeline of this project was 8 weeks to develop a product statement in response to the brief, develop user scenarios, develop user requirements, create and adjust user flow charts, develop a mood board, create a system map, create wireframes, make a branding guideline, revise wireframes, design a high-fidelity prototype, write an interview script, finalize the concept, conduct user studies, analyze study results, revise prototype, discuss results, create a process document, and a make a final presentation video.

This project was a big undertaking. It required a lot of planning and I decided to take the lead on project management while my partner took the lead on brand development. I think this project is a great and innovative approach to the current state of today's dating world. In the brief, we were asked to develop a user system to help people based on information retrieved from a study about how covid had impacted different people's lives. We decided to develop a digital kiosk interface which would combine the restaurant's digital ordering system with video chat roulette. This way people could have a safe and distanced option to go out to restaurants for dates again. People could get out of the house, talk to someone over a meal via video call, and even play games with each other through the screen!

This concept is powerful as it can connect people around the world and even has the potential to have a live translation to understand people in different languages or even to aid those who cannot hear. It also has a secondary use which would be long-distance couples who would like to go out together. Along with the kiosk system, there is also a supplementary app to help users find a restaurant in their area with a kiosk and plan a date with someone else they find on the app. They may also use the system without the app and select the chat roulette option upon arrival. DATE POOL opens up single options and provides a safe and fun option to meet new people!