Stoon Magazine

Editorial Design and Community Outreach

January & May 2021

Stoon magazine is a 46-page editorial design project which explores the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan through an artistic lens. All photographs were shot on 35mm film and articles in Issue 01 were written by the editor (Juliette) along with a few locals and for Issue 02 Juliette managed a team of writers responsible for most of the articles in the issue. Each issue of the magazine covers different topics relating to the city of Saskatoon and uses a key colour throughout that issue.

The first issue is about local places and uses a bright and cool toned yellow. It explores spots that are unknown and overlooked by both citizens and visitors. Besides the Remai Modern Art Museum, Saskatoon is not really known for its design community. Stoon was made to showcase Saskatoon in a meaningful way and show that it is not just “another” place on the Canadian prairies. After receiving a postive response from the first one Juliette decided to make another to use as a vehicle for positive change.

Issue 02 titled Good Food, discussed food culture and local restaurants in the city of Saskatoon. It used a soft, yet punchy red which is often associated with things like tomato sauces, apples, and fast foods. It was 52 pages excluding cover and included articles, an interview with a local female chef, poetry, and even readers favourite restaurants! Pages 2, 14, 15 18,19, and 32-35 in issue 02 were designed by Jenai Spizawk and the rest was by Juliette Bricker. Juliette was also responsible for managing the content team, social media management, web store development, marketing, production communications, packaging, delivery, photography coverage, and all other promotional work. In the end issue 02 was sold with the intention to donate all profits to the local food bank. The team ultimately raised $642 to donate to local charity.